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A Non-Surgical, Permanent Solution To Male Pattern Baldness, Thinning Hair, Alopecia, And Scars

SMP, Like the Wonder Bra, people think y

Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of tattooing that leaves tiny impressions on your scalp in a natural pattern to create the look of follicles.

The follicles are replicated in a way that looks seamless and undetectable to give the look of thicker, fuller, & denser hair.


Unlike tattooing, the pigments are designed to fall within the same color spectrum of a cropped haircut. The pigments are specifically designed for SMP and contain natural warmers to avoid any blue tones once the pigment reacts with the hemoglobin in your body.


Over the years, as your SMP lightens up, the pigment will fade into a lighter shade of the color selected. A simple touchup will be needed to freshen and you will be as good as new! As time passes and you were to decide to go gray, all you need to do is skip the touch up and let the pigment fade slightly. This will allow a nice blend with gray/ white hair. 

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Realistic Hair Restoration Results

 Noninvasive Hair Restorations

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation is typically done in 3 sessions. The first session lays out your hairline and foundation.

2. The second session fills in the spaces with darker pigment for a 3-dimensional look.

3. The final session fills in the thin areas to create your desired look.