by Salon Bellezza


If you have ever had a bad waxing experience, then you know how amazing it is when you find your person! We mean your WAXING & BROW Specialist of course...because what is more important than love??


Yes - We know Ladies & we got you covered! 

Here at Salon Bellezza, we have mastered the brow and moved on to other parts of the body! We consider ourselves THE PROS! You can trust our waxing specialist to treat you with care, take their time and meet your brow goals!!! 

 It is too easy to suffer from damages from waxing, anywhere on your body, but particularly on your face! You can be burnt, your eyebrows get off track due to carelessness or worse, the person taking off your hair could damage your follicle! This has probably happened to you a time or two - You get a wax and notice a tiny spot of blood, they tell you it is normal, and while it can be unpreventable now & again, that hair isn't coming back. Once this happens so many times, you are going to notice patches that you desire & need are NO LONGER there! While less hair seems nice, your face will change many times over the years (as well as trends) and you might need that part of your brow later! 

You do NOT need to look for cheap waxes or "go back to that place that messed your brows up the last 3 times". We have affordable & quality waxing in a comfortable, cute and sophisticated Salon